Content_Schütz006Even after the actual injection, some part is still not perfect. Still, many plastic parts must be assembled according to customer specifications. We offer several methods:


Our team is able to accomplish a wide variety of assembly work (for example with cables and electrical as well as mechanical components). Of course all required assembly work stations and test equipment are projected and manufactured by us. Thus we support our customers to supply assemblies and thereby to provide a valuable contribution for an optimized module structure.

Pad printing


Pad printing is a combination of intaglio and planographic printing. The printed image and the ink is transferred to the plastic part using a tampon silicone rubber of a cliche. The plastic part not must be flat. Printing a 3D free-form area is possible. For this reason, pad printing particularly in the fine print of the label of electronic components shall apply.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping, often also called the foil stamping, prefabricated images by pressure and heat transfers on the polymer product. The foil consists of an adhesive layer, which is tuned for optimum adhesion to the substrate of the decorative coating, the protective coating, the thin separation layer for removing the color system and finally the carrier foil to transfer the layers on the part of the form.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a process for joining thermoplastics. The necessary heat is achieved by a high-frequency mechanical vibrations, which is produced by molecular and interfacial friction between the components. The vibrations transmitted to the workpieces to be joined under pressure. They heat up and start to soften, which increases the damping coefficient. The increase of the coefficient of absorption leads to higher internal friction, accelerates the temperature increase. The process is characterized by very low welding times and high efficiency.

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